Saturday, January 30, 2010

2012 What Will Happen ?

There are much of information regarding year 2012 end of the day. One of them is 2012 Official Countdown website. What will be happen in this year?

is 2012 is real? is it the day that everything changes? As a predict it will happen on 21 December 2012, its mean it only 1054 days from now. Get full information on the website.

2012 : The Year of Project Enoch

2012 The year of Project Enoch? contains two parts :
Part one is "The 2012 question" and part two "Decoding The Mystery". Both parts are publication of Rema Marketing.

Project Enoch is covert plan that will take advantage of the 2012 end of the world hysteria in a way that will further cement the plans of the men in shadows who you cannot see, smell or touch who are trying to control the destiny of this planet.

In those parts we can get information about :
  1. What is the link between
  2. Whilst many crop circle manifestations are hoaxes
  3. Which museum houses huge metal double axes
  4. Why are there so many conflicting
  5. Which secret project
  6. How does the merging of Occult Science and Advanced Technology create Electronic Sorcery
  7. Many 2012 opponents claim that the Mayans never said
  8. Why do the occult sciences
  9. Is There a Link between Revelation 16
  10. Who are the Ascended Masters
  11. In what way is the Externalisation of the Hierarchy
  12. Learn about the symbolic link
  13. The beliefs of the Council of Nine
  14. Why is the Manchurian Candidate
And Much More